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The Fight Against Hunger Meal Packing Events

Meal Packing events are a special opportunity to help change our community and the lives of others made possible by a partnership with Friends & Family Community Connection. By bringing together hundreds of families & friends to volunteer, we are able to teach our youth the importance of helping others. Each event is fun, fast-paced, purposeful act of love and service children will remember for their lifetime.

At an event volunteers will be assigned to a station where as a group we will assemble food packages that have been scientifically designed to reverse the effects of malnutrition and starvation. Each meal consist of the following ingredients: 52% soy protein, 21 different vitamins and minerals, dehydrated vegetables and rice. 2/3’s of the non-perishable food will be sent to help food insecure countries and support the most vulnerable and 1/3 will stay local to help those in need here in our back yard.

Together we can make a difference. Won’t you join us in the Fight Against Hunger?

Upcoming Events

Tustin, CA Dream Dinners Fights Hunger Meal Packing Event